Lubbock's First Drinks To-Go Store To Open This Week

Published 07/09 2014 06:02PM

Updated 07/09 2014 06:28PM

By Jason Puckett

LUBBOCK,TX-- Eskimo Hut, a new beer and alcohol store, could bring their trademark "to-go" drinks to Lubbock Friday. 

Opening the store took owner Brad Salley more than a year to complete due to numerous local roadblocks.

"The process has taken a year and a half just to get to this point." He said. "And with Facebook and twitter, there's so much anticipation about us opening out there. We are trying to get open as quick as we can."

But even if they do open this week, one of the Eskimo Hut Trademarks-the drive thru-will be missing from the Lubbock location.

"At our other stores around the state you can drive thru." Salley said. "With the City ordinance the way that it is, it is debatable. But we chose to give up that fight and simply get the stores open. We're gonna re-enter that discussion at the appropriate time."

The controversy over the Eskimo Hut brand comes from their "to-go" drinks. Customers can walk into the location, custom order any drink they want and have it packaged to take it with them.

The company uses a sealed-plastic bag to make a closed container-and puts it on the consumer to make good choices after purchase.

"Once you leave with it you're in possession of it." Salley said. "If you decide to open it then you are definitely in an open container situation and it was your choice."

For Salley, drinking and driving is the worst case situation.

"Nobody wants that to happen." He said. "It's the same thing with any other beer or wine or alcohol sold in the state of Texas. We want you to take it and enjoy it responsibly. We're just giving people another choice and that's what makes Eskimo Hut-Eskimo Hut."

If everything goes according to plan, Salley will be able to open the doors as early as Friday. 

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