Man Indicted, Accused of Sexually Assaulting Young Family Member

LUBBOCK, TX - A Lubbock County grand jury indicted Devonta Deshone Manahan, 24, on Tuesday for Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child.

According to charges filed, Manahan made sexual contact with a child who was "younger than 14 years of age." has learned the child was five years old.

The police report stated that the victim's parent received a text saying "[Manahan] be penetrating [the victim]."

The address of the sexual assault was not listed in court records.  A police report said family members took the boy to Covenant Women's and Children's Hospital after the assault on January 5. 

The victim's parent told LPD that the boy stated "[Manahan] pulled down his pants and tried to stick his penis in me."

Documents showed that at the time of the incident the boy's grandmother was in the kitchen with the victim when Manahan entered the home. She said Manahan went into the bathroom and the victim went into his bedroom across from that bathroom.

"[The victim's grandmother] advised she heard a noise in the bedroom a minute later" and she called out to him," LPD said.

The police report said the boy "came out of the bedroom with his pants slightly down in the back," revealing his bottom. It said the victim was "holding the back of his pants with his hand."

The victim's grandmother said the boy was "wide eyed, shocked, and afraid," but when she asked what was wrong, he "didn't say anything."

Manahan also stated "'nothing happened, I didn't do anything,'" when confronted.

The victim told his grandmother "'[Manahan] pulled my pants down and tried to put his penis in my butt,'" the police report revealed.

Manahan "seemed nervous and fidgety when asked about what happened," before leaving the home, documents showed.

It was revealed that Manahan later confessed.

Jail records indicated Manahan was arrested on January 18. bond was listed at $150,000.

Manahan's booking information listed a different spelling for his first and middle name, but his date of birth and other information matches. This article used the spelling as it was listed on the indictment.

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