Matt Damon, Jeff Dunham and Jigsaw

Entertainment Thursday 10/25/17

Lubbock, TX - Matt Damon stars in, and George Clooney directs, Suburbicon. The perfect 1959 place to rear a family, but there are dark secrets hidden behind the perfect lawns and picket fences.There are some bad choices, and some big consequences, in the ideal little neighborhood. It's rated R and runs about an hour-and-a-half. Despite the Coen brothers script and the star-power behind it, the reviews are not so good.Decide for yourself at the Alamo Drafthouse or either Cinemark.

Your favorite ventriloquist and his crazy cast of characters returns to the Hub City.Jeff Dunham: Passively Aggressive hits the Municipal Auditorium next Friday, the third, at 7 o'clock. A portion of the ticket sales will go to those directly affected by the Las Vegas shooting. You can get them through Select-a-Seat for about $60.

And just in time for Halloween, Jigsaw returns to freak you out. After thirteen years, and seven movies, a new series of killings sparks fear that the Jigsaw killer is still alive... which everyone thinks is impossible. Or is it? Has a new game just begun? The gory horror movie is rated R and runs an hour-and-a-half. Watch it through your fingers... while you still have them... at Alamo Drafthouse and everywhere else.

That's a look at what's happening in the Hub City, with Joe Sherwood's Entertainment Thursday.

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