Mayor, TxDot Discuss Freight Mobility and Transportation

LUBBOCK TX - The Texas Department of Transportation is looking for ways to expand freight and transportation opportunities. TxDot met with Mayor Dan Pope and key stakeholders Thursday.

"Business and investment often follows interstates, businesses need to be able to move their product and we need to connect I-27 to I-20," Pope said.

According to Pope, today was a step in the right direction.

"TxDot's here to get our input on freight planning, and that's important to our community."

TxDot Director of Freight and International Trade Caroline Mays believes the Fast Act will provide funding needed to expand economic opportunity in Texas.

"Connectivity's very important, especially for a state as big as Texas, because each region has a role to play."

One of the key components of their work is highlighting critical freight corridors.

"That's what we're trying to do, is make sure we highlight the critical corridors," Mays said, "From rural areas to urban areas, activity centers and distribution centers, energy make sure that all of that is connected by multiple modes."

With resources including agriculture and energy reaching the entire state, Mays believes the West Texas region plays a big role, and Mayor Pope agrees.

"We don't represent a huge part of the population of the state, but we provide for their food, for the clothes they wear, and for the fuel that we count on to warm our homes, and to take care of our transportation to make sure our pickup trucks get from place to place."

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