Mother Accused of Killing Two-Year-Old Pleads Not Guilty in Court Monday

LUBBOCK, TX - The capital murder trial in Post began on Monday morning for the case where a two-year-old was shot and killed in 2014. 

The toddler's mother was charged with the crime and faced trial after more than three years since the death of her daughter, Alexandria.  Ashlee Dean, 38, pled not guilty to the crime. Her defense questioned in their opening statement if Dean intentionally or knowingly killed her daughter, suggesting it was an accident. 


The State had the floor on Monday, where they brought in several witnesses who were the first responders including several Garza County Sheriff's Deputies. The prosecution also submitted more than 50 pieces of evidence including the recording of the '911' call from Dean that night. 

In the recording, you can hear the defendant sobbing and screaming that "her daughter is dead" and asking if this is a "bad dream."

Dean has a history of drug abuse and witnesses testified they found drug pipes at the scene of the crime. A nurse who examined Dean testified that Dean admitted to smoking a "clear unknown substance" that her boyfriend brought her that night. She also allegedly told the nurse that she was cleaning her gun and it fell off a dresser when it discharged, killing her daughter. 

She told the same thing to Texas Rangers during questioning. 

Another discussion in court were the burn marks found on Dean's cheek and neck. The prosecution said Dean received these burns after firing a gun near her face,which they said proved it was an intentional shooting. 

The trial starts again on Tuesday. If convicted, Dean could face life in prison without parole. 




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