Muleshoe Man Finds Human Remains in Germany from WWII Plane Crash

Published 06/13 2014 04:48PM

Updated 06/14 2014 04:11PM

By: Meredith Hillgartner

LUBBOCK,TX- A West Texas man makes an impressive find while in Germany. 

Muleshoe native Kolby Lanham was in the Air Force for six years. 

Stationed on a German Air Force base, Lanham took up a new hobby; metal detecting. 

One of the first places Lanham and friends searched was the site of a plane crash from WWII.

Lanham said the 'Diana-Mite' was on a mission to bomb Munich, when a fellow plane was hit, slamming into the 'Diana-Mite,' causing both planes to catch fire and crash. 

One man escaped, the co-pilot of the 'Diana-Mite' who was not strapped into his seat belt and was thrown from the aircraft.

He was then captured by the Germans and held as a Prisoner of War. 

Lanham said the Germans buried the fallen American soldiers, or at least the ones they could find. 

In 1947, the U.S. government sent men to dig up the airmen's remains and place them in a burial site of the families choice.

Lanham's issue, two of the air men were never found.

He said he believes their remains are the ones that were found in Germany. 

"I know for some people they say 'iIt is just bits and pieces. Why go out there?' but that is someones loved one," Lanham said.

The men found pieces of jaw, vertebrae and fingers. 

Now he is organizing a petition for the government to dig up the entire crash site in Germany, using an organization called JPAC, or the Joint POW Accountability Command. 

Their job is to bring home fallen U.S. soldiers from all foreign wars.

"JPAC that is their job," Lanham said. "Not only that, their motto is 'Until They all Come Home' and I don't know how you can have a motto like that and not be interested in bringing the rest of these men home." 

If you would like to sign Lanham's petition or learn more, you can click on the link below.

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