NAACP Holds Rally Protesting 90-Year Prison Sentence for Anthony Carter


The local chapter of the NAACP will host a silent protest this weekend after what they call an unfair prison sentence. 

That sentence was given to 50-year-old Anthony Carter, who was sentenced in November 2017 to 90 years in prison for selling synthetic marijuana. It is a highly addictive drug that was legal in Lubbock until 2015. 

"You do wrong, you do the price, but 90 years? This man did not kill nobody, he didn't rape nobody," said Gordon Harris, vice president of Lubbock's NAACP chapter.

Carter was charged in Lubbock courts for possession and intent to sell 400 grams of synthetic marijuana at his smoke shop. 

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In comparison, a Plano man was sentenced to just seven years after pleading guilty in court for a similar crime, according to the Department of Justice.

"I have never in my life seen anyone sentenced to 90 years on a drug charge," said Harris.

The Lubbock chapter of the NAACP said this sentencing is extreme.

"I mean, they know that there is injustice still here, still going on," said Harris. 

Harris believes the city was trying to set an example, as this was the first synthetic marijuana case tried in Lubbock courts after the drug became a growing problem.

"He's not a murderer, he's not a rapist," said Harris.

The District Attorney's office was unable to comment on this case because there is an active co-defendant's case. According to records, Carter has a long criminal history. 

The NAACP said they do not just see this is an unfair prison time, but also a race issue.

"This most definitely has to do with him being a black man," Harris said. 

The NAACP is making plans to fight back against this sentencing. They've planned a silent protest at 4 p.m. Saturday outside the Lubbock County Court House. They also already have the the next steps ready if Carter's appeal case does not decrease his prison time. 

"We're willing and ready to take it to the Supreme Court if necessary," Harris said.

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