Naughty Cop Case on Ice

LITTLEJOHNLATEST-PKG2008-05-07-1210216424.jpgWhen former LPD officer Blake Littlejohn pulled over Rebecca Hernandez 4 years ago, he wasn't trying to ruin his career, but thats what he did.  Hernandez claims Littlejohn made a deal to let her off in exchange for a sexual favor in the back of his squad car.  She consented, but says she did so out of fear.  Now 4 years later, Littlejohn has since been arrested, indicted on a felony charge but plead guilty to a lesser misdemeanor and served 3 months probation...but it's not over yet.  Hernandez has filed a civil lawsuit against Littlejohn.  Hernandez' attorney Charlie Dunn says Lubbock DA Matt Powell will not release important documents from the criminal case, and so Dunn can't proceed in the civil case.  Powell says every request for documents is subject to review by his office and the State Attorney General's office.  Powell says if it is legal to release those documents, he will do so.
No start date has been set for the civil trial.

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