Neighbors Fed Up with Break-ins in LakeRidge Neighborhood

LUBBOCK, TX - Three people were arrested for residential and vehicle burglary in the LakeRidge neighborhood, after a neighbor took matters into his own hands, chasing the suspects down his block. 

Around 11:30 p.m. on November 7, police responded to a call at the 4600 block of 94th street. They then received another call to the same area,  with the caller following the suspects in a vehicle.  

"He's not breaking into my house and my car again, it ain't going to happen. He's trying to get away, don't let him get away,” the caller said in the 911 call. 

That caller later told crime is going up in the area, and he didn’t want to see it happen again. 

Police were eventually able to take three suspects into custody in the alley of 9700 Vicksburg. They arrested Tucker Skipper, Querida Gonzalez, and Jacob Santiago on charges of burglary, vehicle burglary and possession of drug paraphernalia. According to the police report, they recovered several stolen items. 
LPD said it is a community effort, and they appreciate extra eyes and help out in the community. 
"We always appreciate whenever citizens are good witnesses. That means paying attention to their surroundings, being able to describe people, places and things,” Kasie Whitley. 

Police do urge people to think before they hit the gas pedal. 

“Just be aware that you are still subject to traffic rules and regulations in those situations,” Whitley said. "It's not only to protect you, but to protect other people as well." 

She said a lot of times people get “caught up in the chase” and forget to relay information to the dispatcher. They said the best thing you can do is give a description, location, and direction the suspect is going.

"Then it's okay to pull back,” Whitley said. "You may not know if that person has a gun or what they are capable of doing." 

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