New Car Wash Recycles and Reuses 60% of Water

Published 08/08 2014 05:10PM

Updated 08/08 2014 06:34PM

By: Meredith Hillgartner

LUBBOCK,TX- Mighty Wash is opening their second location in Lubbock on Saturday, but their new location on west 19th st. does something their previous location does not. 

Matt Riker, Operations Manager and Owner, said the new car wash has a state of the art water recycling system, so the facility can reuse 60% of their water. 

"We use about 70 gallons of water per vehicle," Riker said. "Which 60% of that is reclaimed, the rest of it is soft water and spot free rinse. So, the reclaimed water is used in the first half of our tunnel, which is the high pressure that knocks all the dirt and grime off." 

Riker said it was not a hard decision to make for the locally owned company, when they decided to go green. 

"Obviously it is west texas, we have droughts," Riker said. "And we like to be eco-friendly and conserve our water resources." 

Riker said his company tries to do everything they can to conserve one of west Texas' most precious resources.

"We are required to have 5% of our landscape green with grass and have it irrigated, but the rest of the 95% we did zero scape," Riker said. "So we definitely don't have to use that much water to keep our site looking good." 

Location manager Nick Evans said Mighty Wash's efforts to conserve water is something their customers can appreciate. 

"I think people will appreciate us re-using our water since we are on a water restriction here in Lubbock," Evans said. "Water is scarce, I think it is a great idea that we re-use our water." 

Riker said the company has plans to retro fit their 82nd and Milwaukee location to use the same system, and their new location on 50th and Utica will also have the water recycling system. 

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