No firework ban despite drought

LUBBOCK, Texas - It's almost fireworks season. On Monday, Lubbock County commissioners gave the green light for firework sales in the county.

"We're really excited about this year because with the way things are coming along, we're going to have a good season," Sonni Menaldi, owner of Wholesale Fireworks TNT, said.

There hasn't been a ban on fireworks since 2011.

A concern for Lubbock County is the current drought. As of Monday, the requirements of drought conditions have not been met to enforce a ban.

Also, Lubbock County does not currently meet the requirements to ban missiles with fins and rockets.

"There's certain requirements you have to meet," Lubbock County Emergency Management Coordinator Clinton Thetford said. "Primarily, the drought index being at 575 or greater. Currently in Lubbock County, we're only at 508."

County leaders will keep an eye on the weather and if the drought worsens, things can change.

For now, they are encouraging people to be careful while using fireworks.

"If we get back to where we have those hundred plus degree days and no moisture," Thetford said. "It doesn't take very long for that drought index to get back up there."

As for the local firework sellers, they're thrilled and want to keep the firework tradition going in Lubbock.

"It's such a great tradition. I mean West Texas and fireworks, it's a summer staple," Menaldi said.


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