Owning a Tesla in the Hub City

LUBBOCK, TX - Owning an electric car in a city without charging ports or a dealership seems difficult, making people ask the question-- How is it even possible to drive? 

Matthew Whitaker bought his Tesla in December 2017, and his wife bought her's shortly thereafter. Despite a law prohibiting the directly purchase of a car from a manufacturer in the state of Texas – which is the only way to get a new Tesla – the process was still simple, said Whitaker. 

"You just do it all on the computer. They gave me a projected date I would receive it. It was really the easiest automotive transaction I've ever done. They brought it on a flatbed truck and delivered it. I didn't have to leave the house," said Whitaker. 

It is also possible to get around the city daily without charging the Tesla because of its long battery life.

"You can get different size batteries. I have the largest battery, so you can get 300-mile range. In a typical day, I may drive 50 miles, so I have never come close to needing to come back to my house to charge," he said. 

When traveling, Tesla owners charge cars quickly using a super charger. Owning a Tesla Model X or S makes taking long trips less expensive because it's free. "If I'm traveling and I hit a super charger for all my traveling, I would never pay a dollar for my range or electricity," he said in part.

Unlike gas cars, the Tesla updates its software with new features constantly, said Whitaker, and "you don't have the upkeep you do on other vehicles."

On the off-chance anything goes wrong with the Tesla, service technicians will drive the distance to fix the vehicle. 

"I called Tesla, told them my problem and they sent a mobile service technician from Dallas. He did all the work from my garage. I never even had to drive up to a service center," he said.

With features such as autopilot, fast acceleration and enhanced safety features, his family does not intend to purchase anything other than Teslas anytime soon, he said.

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