Parents of Electrocuted Teen Speak Out

LUBBOCK TX - A 14 year-old Abernathy girl was electrocuted early Sunday morning while staying at her dad's house in Lovington, New Mexico.

"She was my everything" Madison Coe's Father Logan Coe said.

Madison was spending the summer with her dad, before starting high school in Houston.

""Basketball...She loved basketball and band," Madison's Stepmother Felisha Owens said, "She was first chair tuba, not many girls play the tuba...but Maddy nailed it."

Before going to bed, Madison's parents said the teen followed routine: taking a bath, using her cell phone.

"It's not uncommon for her to spend two to two and a half hours in the bathtub," Owens said.

"[She] had her phone plugged into the extension cord, and it was by the bathtub...I did it, she did it, we all had sat there in the bathtub with our phones plugged in and played our games."

The Coe family said they hope their tragedy will be a learning experience for people everywhere.

"The bathroom is place for showers and personal time, and your phones don't belong in the bathroom," Owens said, "Electricity and water do not mix, all it takes is a drop."


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