Plainview Family Desperately Searches to Find Missing Son

Published 04/29 2014 10:05PM

Updated 04/29 2014 10:40PM

By Anne Parker

PLAINVIEW, TX-- A Plainview family is desperate for clues to find out what happened to 26-year-old Andrew Pena and spent hours Tuesday afternoon searching for answers.

"We've just been hearing a lot of rumors," said Angel Pena, Andrew's dad. "A lot of them bad."

The Pena family says they have been getting suspicious anonymous phone calls.

"People saying that he had gotten beat up by some guys with bats," Angel says. "And they had dumped his body somewhere out here."

The Pena's say this leads them to believe Andrew's body could be anywhere along FM 400.

So, the Pena's family and friends got together and searched every ditch, wooded area and down every dirt road.

"We're not taking it lightly by no means," Angel says. "Anything that we hear, we wanna see if we can follow up on it and see if we can bring my son home."

The family tells us he was last seen on April 6th when a friend dropped him off to take a nighttime bus ride from Plainview to Cactus to start a new job.

"From what I understand, he never showed up," Angel says. "He never arrived."

"I remember texting him and telling him... 'How did your job go?' He text me back and he said, 'Good,' but that was pretty much it," Andrew says. "I said 'Okay, well I love you God bless you.' He text back and said, 'Love you too.' I told one of the detectives, I would always tell my son, 'I love you.' But he would never say it back. Thinking about it kinda makes me wonder, if it was even him."

Angel says his mind won't rest, until he has some answers.

"I don't like thinking the worst," he says. "But it being a month now, no phone calls, no body has heard from him, it just doesn't sound good to me."

But, the Pena's aren't giving up the fight.

"It's very difficult and I know anybody out there with sons and daughters they would be saying the same thing. I ask if you know anything to please, please tell the police department. Let us know."

Anyone with any information can call 806-296-1111.

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