Plainview Residents Deal with Hail Damage to Cars and Homes

LUBBOCK, TX - Some Plainview residents are cleaning up after a hailstorm damaged their cars and homes.

"I got marble-sized [hail], maybe bigger than marble-sized. And you can see it left a mess," Kim Bouldin said, while blowing piles of leaves off her driveway.

The mess was bigger for some residents than others. Some saw golf and baseball-sized hail.

“I got a phone call, and he said that my whole back window was out. I didn't believe him. I thought he was joking,” Gabriel Jimenez said. “Sure enough, I walked outside and it was pretty bad.”

Jimenez was working at the Walmart Distribution center when he heard about the storm. He didn’t realize how much damage the hail caused until he began the drive home.

“As I was driving home, I felt it cutting my arm and my back... glass just kind of went all through the car,” he said.

Many Plainview residents, like Jimenez, will have to pay for the repairs out of pocket.

"Today's the panic day. The day everybody's, ‘Oh, this is what happened.’ Right now, the main problem is mitigating damages,” said Kevin Walker, insurance agent at Mouser Agency. “If you've got a sky light broken, we have got to avoid any further damage. Let's get that covered. If we've got windshields broken, anything like that."

Walker told us that many people opt for simple liability insurance, but paying for full coverage helps when weather causes damage.

Melissa Turpen at Turpen Insurance says she tells her clients to take practical steps to protect themselves, even if they are insured.

Turpen told to “take advantage of nearby businesses’ parking,” especially if the parking is covered. 

But Jimenez says his coworkers had to keep working, and couldn’t help but endure the damage.

“Everybody's vehicles were pretty beat up. I mean there's no where to put the cars really, so we just had to ride it out,” Jimenez said.

For now, he is headed to the body shop. He says next time he will buy full coverage insurance.

"I was just pretty devastated,” Jimenez said. “Just gonna have to fix it and keep on rolling.”


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