Plainview Shelter Overrun with Unwanted Pets

PLAINVIEW, TX - Workers at the animal shelter in Plainview said it has reached capacity. The group that works to adopt dogs and cats at the facility said it has hit its limit.

"On a monthly basis, there's always a good number that are picked up," said Paws Pet Adoption director Cynthia Davidson.

"Over Thanksgiving we did see a big increase in the number of impounds here at the shelter," she said. "Every kennel was full at some point over the weekend, and part of the kennels here at our shelter are delegated toward the city and part of them are ours for adoptables [sic]."

Some drop-offs are "weather-related, or people go out of town," Davidson said.

"...we've had occasions where neighbors are watching and the animal escapes, or they had been staying at a friend's or something like that and took an opportunity to run when they had a chance," she explained.

Other pets make a break for it when fireworks are set off for New Year's or the Fourth of July.

"Through the year it'll go up, it'll go back down, it tends to be fairly steady, unfortunately," she stated.

Davidson recommended pet owners ensure their pets are spayed or neutered.

"[We] started a program a couple of years ago... What we offer is assistance for lower income people to spay or neuter," she said.

She mentioned a lot of what she sees come into the shelter are "unwanted litters." When they can't find homes for the new animals, "they either call us to see if we can find them homes, or they just turn them in to the shelter, hoping that they won't be euthanized."

Another resource the shelter has used recently includes a transport to other facilities.

"This year we've transported out 47 animals," Davidson added. "Once we move them out to a rescue, that allows us to move others over... for adoption."

Aside from spaying and neutering, Davidson suggested adopting from local shelters, instead of purchasing pets.

"Find one that's already been not wanted by a family that needs a new home... That makes a big difference to the issue overall," said Davidson.

To contact Paws Pet Adoption, call (806) 292-8440 or click here to access the group's Facebook page.

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