Porch Pirates Caught in the Act, Neighbors on High Alert During Holiday Season

LUBBOCK, TX - Two men were taken into custody on Wednesday after police were called to the area for an attempted burglary. It happened at the 800 block of Vanda Avenue. 

When police arrived on scene, they found the two men stealing things from a home in the area. The two men fled the scene but were soon captured. One suspect was transported to UMC after being injured by a K-9 Unit dog. 

Police believe the two suspects were in the neighborhood looking for packages on doorsteps and unlocked front doors. "Porch Piracy" is a common crime during the holiday season. Police said it's even more important now for neighbors to be on the lookout for each other and their homes.

"Like what the hell was going on. They called me at work and told me they though somebody was breaking into my house," said M.C. Harkey. 

The two suspects tried to break into his home. In the end, they only broke his fence and hid behind his truck during the police chase. 

"They got them. They caught him right there in front of my truck. That's where he was hiding," Harkey said. 

Lubbock Police recommends neighborhoods come together and watch out for porch pirates. 

"It's very important to establish those good relationships with your neighbors, so at this time of the year, if you're leaving your house for a short amount of time or longer amount of time, you can rely on your neighbors to look out for your house," said Lubbock Police spokesperson Kasie Whitley.

Neighbors agree they need to all help each other this time of year. 

"If the sees something wrong over there, he's going to say something. He's going to tell me, I'm going to tell him," said Harkey. "I know my next-door neighbor over here watches out for me and I watch out for him."

Police will also help lookout for porch pirates in your neighborhood if you let them know of suspicious activity. 

"You can go online to our website and fill out a form, fill out your address and how long you're going to be gone," said Whitley. "We can send out patrol officers to your home and they can check it out."

Police also encourage the public to call them if they see suspicious persons or activity. If they get the report, they'll send out a patrol car immediately. 

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