Raiderville on the Road

After having a week without a game, the Red Raiders are back and ready for some more football. This time though, they're taking the "Raider Power" on the road for the road trip of the season. But just because the Raiderville Tents are absent outside of the stadium this week doesn't mean the hype ends -- it just means the loyal Tech fans that usually camp out for days out here are trading in Jones Stadium for Owen Field.

The group that started it all, now known locally and nationally as 'Raiderville', won't disappoint this weekend.

Mayor Drew Gardner says his group is hitting the road and going to Norman but unfortunately -- there won't be a 'Raiderville' in 'Soonerville.' Gardner says he called the Oklahoma Athletics office and asked but they said no because of the magnitude of the game.

But Gardner says there will still be some sort of Raider Fellowship before the game, and even though they'll be sleeping in actual beds this weekend, the infamous tents won't be left behind.

Drew Gardner, Raiderville Mayor: "Mine will be with me. Mine stays in my truck and doesn't leave my truck. So my tent definitely will be there, the flags that we fly, they'll be there. They'll be on the car on the way up there, pulling in."

And some good news for the stadium they're leaving behind this weekend -- Chancellor Hance announced today that they have met the goal of 2.3 million dollars to expand the stadium. The groundbreaking celebration will be right before the Baylor game on November 29th.

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