Red Cross Found 83 Households Qualifying for Help After Damage Storm Seen on KAMC

Published 06/18 2014 05:37PM

Updated 06/18 2014 06:27PM

LUBBOCK, TX – The South Plains Chapter of the American Red Cross said Wednesday it found up to 83 households that might qualify for help due to storm damage. The Red Cross learned of the extent of the damage from people who called in after a news report on KAMC TV news.

“We came out for maybe two to three houses and found 50 plus that night. And now, here we are two days later and we’re up to 83 homes that we know have been affected,” said Pam Faubion.

On Wednesday, Red Cross volunteers went door-to-door in Hockley County.

Faubion said residents have been living in severely storm-damaged homes for 12 days not knowing they could have been assisted.

“A lot of them have leaks in their roof, which looks like a minor damage, but with the storms coming through, it could be a major damage very quickly with mobile homes,” Faubion said.

They brought materials today as they surveyed homes to try and prevent homes from future weather problems.

“We are helping - getting them tarped,” Fabian said.

Residents of the area had traumatic experience during the storm that left their homes destroyed.

“We had to go to the other corner of the house where hail wasn't coming in and the glass wasn't coming in,” said Anita Baker. “I just had to try and keep my daughter calm through all of it. She started to panic.”

But for the first time in almost two weeks, they had some new hope. 

"It feels like a relief," She said, "because we're living paycheck to paycheck and it really took a really did."

Those who suffered storm damage on June 7 can contact the Red Cross at 806-765-8534.

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