Red Raider Fans Bring the Energy to Celebrate Men's Basketball Trip to Dallas

LUBBOCK, TX - Hundreds of fans grabbed a front row seat to the action at 4ore Golf on Sunday, watching as the Red Raider Men's Basketball team awaited their seeding for the NCAA Tournament. 

"Being part of the Red Raider nation is part of the culture. We are the underdog," said Zack Peña, a Texas Tech Men's Basketball fan. "I think our players have always known that the fans are here for them. I think that's why they come, and we will be here for any players that come in the future."

After much anticipation, fans erupted into cheers as the results aired. The Red Raiders earned a third seed playing in Dallas for their first matchup.

"We are going to go to Dallas. We are going to be there to support them as a team," said Kalvin Davis, one of the many basketball fan's who brought a winning mentality on Sunday. 

Looking ahead, fans believe Texas Tech has Final Four potential.

"Well I hope they make it to the Final Four because we will be in San Antonio." said Ron Saiz, a basketball fan. 

In tune with today's venue, long-time fan Davis even created a chant in hopes the team takes it all the way, "4ore Golf, Final Four, 4our Golf, Final Four."

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