Rep. Charles Perry Supports Nat'l Guard Deployment

Published 07/21 2014 10:24PM

Updated 07/21 2014 10:33PM

by Victoria Price

LUBBOCK, TX -- On Monday, State Representative Charles Perry publicly commended the governor's decision to deploy 1,000 members of the Texas National Guard to help secure the U.S./Mexican border. Rep. Perry says he believe the move is a much need step towards protecting the citizens of Texas.

Earlier Monday afternoon, Governor Rick Perry said the deployed troops will be at the border for "referring and deterring," assisting already present Department of Public Safety and Border Patrol forces at work. The National Guard members will not have the authority to detain any undocumented workers or children.

"I applaud Rick Perry for taking the initiative," says Rep. Perry. "We would have loved the federal government to do their job, step up and protect us from foreign and domestic enemies. But they're not going to do that, so."

The State of Texas is already spending more than a million dollars per week to fund DPS operations along the border. That adds up to 135 million more dollars than what had been allocated for the next two years. Now, these National Guard troops will tack on 12 million additional dollars each month.

"And you start adding that up and that's a lot of money to the state of Texas," according to Rep. Perry. "So, the next big fight and argument you're going to see is with the state wanting our money back from the Feds for reimbursement of doing their job they're not willing to do."

But not everyone agrees with the two Perrys. Kenny Ketner, chair of the local democratic party, says adding military presence won't do much. That's because he says many of these child refugees will turn themselves in, in the hope of earning amnesty.

"If we have more National Guard on or near the border, that doesn't really address that," Ketner explains. "It just gives more places for those kids to turn themselves in."

Right now it is unclear how many troops from the South Plains region will be deployed. 

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