Roughing it in Raiderville

Tech Texas football fans did just that for a shot at a front row seat for the game against the University of Texas. But the fall weather made camping a little more difficult this year. Freshman Jonathan O'Hara says the temperature has been up and down.

"It's really cold outside in the morning and then its hot in the day it's really random".

But Raiderville Mayor Colton Ancell said he has still seen a big turn out.

"We've had a bigger turnout than I though we would, you know, considering the weather. So I think, as excited as people are about the game that's not going to stop them".

But braving the cold and being without a shower or internet did have some perks. Jonathan O'Hara got a good morning surprise.

"We got donated tacos and orange juice and I'm not sure who donated them but I was happy".

Timing is everything at Raiderville where students had to be present for a check in but Colton Ancell said it shouldn't have stopped them from going to work or class.

"We do have set in stone, it's after 9-thirty p-m and before 7-thirty a-m...and then we also make sure we get it in before 8 a-m classes start that way nobody can blame Raiderville in skipping class".

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