"Run As One" - Local Father-Son Duo Take on Boston Marathon

Published 04/20 2014 11:28PM

Updated 04/21 2014 06:43PM

by Victoria Price

LUBBOCK, TX -- David and Randal Guinn, of Idalou, will lace up Monday morning to run the 2014 Boston Marathon. The father-son duo have worked toward this moment for the past year, as their way to honor of the victims of last year's bombing at the finish line.

David, a local attorney and avid runner, was in his Lubbock office during last year's marathon, obsessively checking in on the race and finish times throughout the day. It was there that he learned what had happened at 4:09 pm.

"At first, I was shocked," he says.

But when those bombs went off, something inside of him went off as well.

"I felt angry that anyone would try to fight freedom loving people," he says. "And by the time I got home and talked to Randal, we were just angry, seething."

Anger soon turned to determination. It was only a day or two later when Randal and his younger brother asked their dad to train them for Boston.

"I had never really imagined running a marathon," Randal says, despite having run track in high school. "But, whether you're running track, or ultra-marathons, we're all runners. And when those guys attacked people finishing last year, I was angry."

Luckily for Randal, David was all in for Boston. After all, he had run the race back in 2011, and loved it.

"I had total strangers yelling for me when I was up there. They pick you out, they'll find something on your shirt. 'C'mon Texas, get in there!'" David recalls. "I mean, these are old ladies with a beer in their hand yelling at you, telling you to get down that hill. And they love you. And they don't even know you. I think that's a lot of what America is."

Compelling as the spirited Boston fans are, there was more to it that pushed David to run again. Even though he was in Lubbock during last year's race, a safe 2,000-plus miles away, he says those explosions still managed to hit too close to home.

"Where those bombs went off, is where my wife and youngest son stood, by that tree, and took my pictures as I finished in 2011," he admits. "At that very spot is where my family stood, and that scared me. It made me angry."

And so while it may have been anger that got him to lace up his running shoes once more, David says it'll be nothing less than the American spirit that gets him across that finish line Monday morning.

"The theme they've put out for the marathon this year is 'We Run as One'," he explains. "We're all Americans together. It doesn't matter if you're down in Presidio, Texas, in Idalou where we live, in Lubbock, or if you're there right in the very heartbeat of the American Revolution, Boston."

Randal's rhetoric mirrored that of his dear ol' dad.

"We're all Americans, we're all runners," he says. "Whether you live in Texas, the west coast, or the east coast."

And now, for this father-son team, their moment to "Run as One" has finally come.

"I've been counting down the past few weeks, I'm really looking forward to it," Randal says.

His dad, often the eloquent attorney, puts it a little more simply...

"I'm ready to go!"

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