"Running to Rescue" Educating Community about Human Trafficking

"I have 3 girls. So it really hit home that so many girls were being taken from their families," said Livengood.

Stacey Livengood brought her daughters to an event that is working to make sure children stay safe.

"I heard that young women were being taken. They were being lured in by the lights and they were kept as slaves through the night. They drug them up and they keep them and they make them do things that they do not want to do," said Gloria Toti, Director of the Women's Ministry.

Gloria Toti is the Director of the Prize Women's Ministry through Trinity Christian. Toti said 27 million people across the world are victims of human trafficking. A huge number come from Texas.

"95 percent of trafficking in the US is coming in through the Texas highways. They are coming and using our highway system."

This is the first annual "Running to Rescue." Profits from the event benefit the A21 Campaign, an organization that works to find children that were kidnapped and built them shelters.

"We all know something needs to be done about it. Today we chose to be the someone," said Toti.

Hundreds took part in the 1K and 5K race inside Vintage Township.

"It just breaks my heart for those girls and those children and I think we need to go out and raise awareness for it, go out make a difference, make a change," said Kaylee Carter.

"I think that there's a lack of education that it's happening here in the United States, even here in Texas," said Renne Davis.

Livengood said she'll make sure to educate her children and keep them safe.

"We told them that it's modern day slavery. Like they learned about slavery in the past. That kids are being stolen and taken to other countries and they're being slaves, " said Livengood.

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