School Finds Way for Special Child to Jump Rope for Heart

Published 03/12 2014 04:37PM

Updated 03/12 2014 07:57PM

By: Meredith Hillgartner

LUBBOCK,TX-9 year old Ben Steen is a comedian.

‘Who is the funniest kid in your class?’

“I’ll be thinking me,” Ben said.

“He is very quiet and he is very shy, but he has a very dry sense of humor,” his P.E. teacher Rene Reding said.

His teachers say he doesn't talk much, but when he does, you better listen.

This week Ben and his 3rd grade classmates at West Wind Elementary are doing something special in P.E.

They are jumping.

“We’re doing jump rope for heart,” Ben said.

For ben, jumping is a little harder.

He was born with only one arm.  

“He is awesome,” Reding said. “He has no disability. He’s awesome. Sometimes he’ll look at me like, ‘how are we going to get this figured out?’ but he smiles and we come up with something, someway to make it work. He gives it his best, he never complains, he never gets upset.”

That is exactly what they did this week when they designed a way for Ben to jump too.

“We came up with this idea of putting a band a Velcro band around his arm and velcroing that jump rope to his arm, so it would be outside like it would be holding it.”

Now Ben can jump with his classmates, raising money for the American Heart Association.

“For people who have something wrong with their heart and we raise money and then we donate it,” Ben said.

Jenifer Hudman is a representative for the heart association.

She said Ben represents the kind of kids they are trying to help.

“Ben is an amazing child and to see a child that wants to participate and wants to grow and learn something and it’s not going to hold him back,” Hudman said. 

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