Serios Cereal Bar is Serving up the Childhood Favorite

Published 02/12 2014 08:18AM

Updated 02/12 2014 08:26AM

At Serios they have cereal, fresh juices, sandwiches...and of course more cereal. Cousin Morin, Serios Co-owner, said he wanted to make a cereal bar for years but people kept asking him if the idea was a joke.

"To be honest with you, Serios is a translation of the word "serious" from English to Spanish. When we first told people of this idea their initial response was 'Are you serious?' Eventually it became a joke of yes we are serious and do to my Spanish background it eventually became 'No, we're Serios' and before we knew it the place named itself."

Morin wanted to serve something simple that everyone could relate to.

"It doesn't matter your age, your race, anything, everyone is familiar with cereal. It doesn't matter if the person hasn't had cereal in the past ten years they can still tell you what their favorite brand was."

And while cereal may be simple, Morin said you can get creative with different combinations and toppings.

"We definitely tell everyone to think of this as similar to a yogurt shop in it's presentation. Mixing and matching is highly encouraged and everything is better with toppings."

Morin said Serios offers vegan, gluten free, and non dairy options and also encourages people to boost their immune system with one of their fresh juices.

"This is something that kind of started just for us in the back and then we quickly realized it was something the public could be benefiting from as well. We have about five in house juices that we prepare and we have more planned for the summer."

Morin said he wants customers to enjoy the food and the homey atmosphere.

"This is an extension of my living room if you will. I want you to come hang out with me, sit down, play video games with me...we're marketing ourselves as a cereal lounge and we definitely want you to come in and lounge with us."

At the end of the day Morin is an artist and while serving up cereal he encourages clients to check out the art on display.

"We have eight artists represented currently and most of these are first time artists, this is their first gallery hanging. Our goal is to go ahead and give them a little bit of confidence and boost their creativity. Hopefully they can take this as a launch pad and take it to other parts of Lubbock."

Serios is located at 1947 19th St across from Lubbock High School.

Serios is open 9 am to midnight during the week and stays open later on the weekends.

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