Shooting Suspect Was a Stranger to Fellow Students, Most Didn't Know Him

We're still learning more about the suspected Texas Tech shooter, Hollis Daniels. It is believed that Daniels lived in Talkington Hall on campus. But many of his neighbors in that dorm didn't even know who he was until that fatal night. 

"I honestly never knew him," said one student. Another said he was "usually by himself."

Many questions remain about the suspect. Students described him as quiet and usually avoided conversation in classes. One student said she'd see him riding around on campus on his skateboard. 

Students also reported that he rarely attended classes and only knew his name after hearing 'Hollis Daniels' called for attendance in classes, followed by silence. 

"She recognized his name through the roster, but she's never see him in class," said sophomore Lindsay Ungashick. "He doesn't go to class much, that's what I've heard."

Daniels allegedly went back to Talkington dorm after the shooting. One student witnessed what he was like moments after he allegedly shot the officer. 

"He was rushing around a lot. Breathing heavy and acting weird," said Annabella Dante. "Afterwards, we realized who he was and that's when we went to officials."

Friends from high school though describe him differently. They said he was a good friend and even talked about reunions after college. 

But on Tech's campus, students are just trying to process how a fellow student turned into an alleged killer. 

"It freaks me out, just to know how many times I crossed by him without even noticing. It's pretty weird," said Sergio Murillo. 

Hall mates from Talkington said his name tag was removed from his dorm room door. We're not sure if that was by a student or Texas Tech officials.




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