Siegel Family Inspires Players at Second Annual "Team Luke Classic"

'Team Luke Tennis Classic' Held at Texas Tech...

LUBBOCK, TX - Up-and-coming tennis pros took to the court Sunday for the qualifying rounds of the Team Luke Classic. 

The second annual Team Luke Classic took place at the McLeod Tennis Center at Texas Tech, with all the proceeds going towards the Team Luke Foundation, helping families dealing with traumatic brain injuries. 

For information on the tournament:

"It is just an honor to help so many families we have already reached out to, been able to give money to, been able to help them emotionally and financially as well,” Tim Siegel said. “You know, I hear every day how much Luke is impacting others, and he impacts me every day." 

For former Texas Tech Tennis coach, Tim Siegel, these particular tennis courts hold a lot of meaning.

"It has been a struggle for me to be at Texas Tech, because that was life before," Siegel said, referring to a 2015 golf cart accident that left his son in the hospital, just steps away from the McLeod Center. 

"Knowing across the street is where we spent 44 days at UMC, so I used to have a lot of anxiety,” Siegel said. "So it means a lot that I am here at a place where I was a big part of, you know. I loved coaching here, and I love being part of this University." 

It's a special tournament for these players, as well.  

"With most USTA Pro Circuit events, they don' t go to benefit something like the team luke foundation,” Tournament Director Amanda Friday said. “It is really cool to see the players hear the story about Luke and hear the story about the Siegel's and see all the work they are doing with different families now with the Team Luke foundation." 

Volunteers like Kaye Held said it was the best of both worlds, getting to see great players and help a good cause. 

"It is the least I can do,” Held said. "Tim does all this heavy lifting for the foundation, and for the volunteers, we are just glad to be one small part of this." 

Siegel agreed, encouraging everyone to participate in this free event. He said he hopes the tournament is around forever. 

“In a few years, the players that are out here now could very well be at the US Open and Wimbledon...that's how good they are," Siegel said. 

Friday said, “You know we are all out here because we love tennis and we love the Siegel's, and we want to see some good things on both ends happen: good tennis and a great cause on the other side." 

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