SPEC Claims Bill Increases Are Due To Weather

Published 07/22 2014 06:04PM

Updated 07/22 2014 06:18PM

By Jason Puckett

LUBBOCK,TX— Investigation into multiple tips from viewers, saying their electricity bills from SPEC had increased this Summer, discovered that, unfortunately for consumers, it may just be a side effect of Summer temperatures.
Tonya LaVere is a member of the South Plains Electric Co-op. Her rate increased more than $100 last period.
“Ya know an extra 100 bucks - that's a lot of money.” She said. “That could be groceries. That could be ya know to go towards your water bill…towards something.”

LaVere called SPEC and was told that as far as the company could tell, nothing was wrong.

“They said well we're sorry,” She said, “all of our numbers are accurate…your meter has been checked and it's fine, so everything seems to be in working order.”

It was a less than desirable answer for LaVere who doesn’t know why the increase happened.

“Luckily I am ahead of the game with school starting up.” She said, ”I've already bought kids clothes and school supplies and stuff, but it is kinda - I can see where people would get stressed out and it could be inconvenient this time of year if parents were trying to buy new stuff.”

Lynn Simmons, the Communications Manager at SPEC said the rates have not increased.

“The bottom line,” She said, “ is that the rates have not changed. The change in their bills from the last month to the bills they are just receiving is due to the weather. We've had several days over 100 degrees - we've had a lot of warmer nights.”

Higher bills, Simmons said, are an unfortunate part of increased West Texas weather.

“The outside effects your bill this time of the year more so than the inside.” She said. “Because whatever you have your apartment or house set on inside - it's competing with that outside temperature”

Simmons said that limiting the use of washing machines, stoves and clothes dryers to cooler parts of the day can help keep costs down. She also said that raising your houses temperature during the day while you are at work can be cost effective as well.

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