Tech Responds After Viral Video Reposted by Writer Shaun King

Tech described comments as racially insenstive.

LUBBOCK, TX - A video reposted Thursday to Facebook by writer Shaun King claimed to show an incoming Texas Tech student using derogatory language. 

“He's a bigot,” King wrote.  “You should revoke his admission.” 

The post tagged Texas Tech University.  It had 112,000 views after two hours of being online.  King’s page has more than 1.5 million followers.

In the video, a young man was seen saying he is friends and neighbors with people who are “black, black.”

“They are getto,” he said. 

“Show me respect, I show you respect.  End of f***ing story,” the young man in the video said.

“If you’re walking around the hallways acting like a dumb n****r, you’re a n****r!” he said.

He also described some people as stupid racist rednecks. 

Texas Tech issued a statement that does not say what action, if any, the incoming student might face.  The statement said:

“We are aware of racially insensitive comments shared on social media earlier today and are taking steps to address the matter. Texas Tech University does not condone the abhorrent speech and views expressed in the video. As an institution of higher learning, we are strongly committed to diversity and inclusion. We foster and promote the freedom of expression, but condemn the use of hateful and derogatory language. As American citizens, we value our protections under the First Amendment, even when we do not support the content of a message.”

King’s Facebook page said, “Shaun King is one of many voices—though an increasingly prominent voice—within the Black Lives Matter movement.”

The page also described King as the Senior Justice Writer for the New York Daily News, and a commentator for The Young Turks.

WARNING: This link to Shaun King’s post contains language that many would find offensive.  Viewer discretion is advised.  CLICK HERE to see the post. 


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