Texas Hotels Review Security Procedures Following Las Vegas Shooting

LUBBOCK, TX - Hotels around Texas might be making changes after a shooter attacked a Las Vegas crowd from the Mandalay Bay Hotel. 

The Texas Hotel and Lodging Association notified hotels about reviewing their security procedures, particularly the ‘Do Not Disturb’ policy dictating how long a hotel room will go without being checked on by staff, especially during “major city wide events.” 

The memo, sent out by the President and CEO Scott Joslove, stated, “As we learn more about the facts of the tragic shootings in Las Vegas, we will be working with hotel brand leaders and their in house safety experts on how best to further protect our most valuable assets: the guests and employees at our hotels and the community at large.” 

It went on, “Hotels should consider how best to address DND policies during major city wide events in which there will be large crowds.” 

In Lubbock, hotels who spoke with EverythingLubbock.com said they won’t be making any major changes to protocol. 

“He had just checked in on the 29th, and I believe the shooting was on the 1st. So there's nothing that would have triggered, ‘Oh, there's something off about this. So they did everything that they could have,” President of the Lubbock Hotel Motel Association and Owner of the Arbor Hotels Rob Meyer said of the Las Vegas incident. 

Meyer said in the hotel business, it is a fine line between privacy and security. 

“We accommodate. Just the nature of our industry, we try to accommodate every single guest’s needs. So, you know, if this person checked in and wanted a room facing South, for whatever reason, we are going to try and accommodate that,” Meyer said, 

But he said that only goes so far. 

“We want to protect the privacy of the guest that wants the privacy. We respect that for one day, two days. But after three days or four days? It won't go past that on a property that we own. I mean, we will go in that room. I will take that do not disturb off and I will walk in that room.”

Most hotels have that three day ‘Do Not Disturb’ policy, before staff checks things out, not only for safety reasons but for cleanliness as well. 

“The longer we can't get into that room, the more chance of those types of things happening,” Meyer said. “All that is part of cleaning, but it is also a part of security. Knowing who is in your hotel and what they are doing.”

Another topic of discussion has been bag checks at hotels, but Meyer said nothing like that will be happening soon, due to logistical and privacy concerns. 

“You should see what people pile up on a luggage cart on a Saturday for a Texas Tech football game. I mean sometimes you look at the three coolers that they are taking up to their room. What most likely is in that cooler? Beer and probably meat for the tailgate. That makes perfect sense.” Meyer said. “Could that be something else? Sure it could.” 

He said it is all about awareness.  

“We want to be proactive, and we want to catch something before anything bad happens,” Meyer said. “It is still our stuff, and we are going to protect the stuff that is in the room, and protect the guests that are in our hotel.” 

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