Tim Cole's Brother Tours Future Memorial Site

Published 08/25 2014 04:43PM

Updated 09/01 2014 05:12PM

Timothy Cole, died in prison, serving time for a crime he did not commit
Timothy Cole, died in prison, serving time for a crime he did not commit
by Victoria Price

LUBBOCK, TX -- The Tim Cole Memorial Park will officially be unveiled on September 17th, and the brother of the man who the monument honors, says he couldn't be more pleased with how it's turned out so far.

"It will be impressive, to say the least," according to Cory Session, the younger brother of Tim Cole. He came to the Hub City Monday to meet with the city manager and other local officials to finalize the dedication.

Timothy Cole was a Texas Tech undergrad, hoping to study law, but wrongfully convicted of raping a fellow student in 1985. He served 13 years of a 25 year sentence before dying from an asthma attack in prison. While incarcerated, he was offered parole if he would admit guilt, but refused to do so. DNA evidence later leared Cole's name in 2009.

o have a symbolic, wonderful gesture from the city, the university, to remember Tim by...it's heartwarming," Session says.

The memorial on the southwest corner of 19th St and University Avenue will feature a larger than life statue of Cole, standing 13 feet tall. According to Session, the dedication ceremony in September is already panning out to be a much bigger ordeal than he originally planned. He says the governor and attorney general, along with a slew of other high ranking Texas officials, will all be in attendance.
any years ago when he was convicted, he left this town in shackles, his head bowed," Session says of his brother. "I think on September 17th he'll return, standing tall."

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