Veterans Helping Veterans: Texas Tech Students Give Back to Their Fellow Vets

LUBBOCK, TX - Student veterans at Texas Tech gave their time and service to their country, but are now giving back to their community by helping other veterans. 

A few students came out to mow a local veteran’s yard, but ended up spending hours swapping stories. 

"Seeing younger people coming in and doing the job that we used to do, and now they want to give back to the old guys,” Vietnam veteran Lennis Fareed said. “It does my heart good. I'm glad, and I'm proud that these individuals wants to reach back and say, 'Hey, you guys are not alone.' We are all in the same club, we are all family." 

Fareed has medical conditions that make it difficult to keep up his yard. He said the young men went above and beyond, trimming his trees and cleaning up three years worth of leaves in his flower beds. 

"They did a fantastic job,” Fareed said.  

The student Veterans Association at Texas Tech said this isn't the first time they've helped out fellow vets. 
"Giving back is just being a veteran. It is just human nature, and it's the reason we chose to serve in the first's just being selfless,” President of the Veterans Association at Texas Tech Adam Disque said. “A lot of times, like with Mr. Fareed for example, he is essentially a neighbor. He's just a few blocks over, and the community is what you make of it, so for us it is just taking care of the guy next door." 

Disque, a veteran himself, shares a powerful connection with older the vets he helps. 

"So, we were there to do a 20 minute job to mow his yard and it ended up being a two hour event, just sharing stories. It’s a special bond,” Disque said. 

"The bond is unmistakeable, and the point is you served just like I served,” Fareed said. 

Fareed wants other vets to know it's ‘okay’ to ask for help and get assistance. 

"Don't be afraid, don't be too proud to ask for help,” Fareed said.

CLICK HERE for information on the Military and Veterans Program Texas Tech University. 

CLICK HERE for information on local organization VetStar.  

CLICK HERE for information on the Lubbock Outpatient Clinic. 

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