Warriors Against Synthetic Pot (WASP) Bring Their Battle to Plainview

Published 07/11 2014 09:42PM

Updated 07/11 2014 10:55PM

By Jason Puckett

PLAINVIEW,TX-- Warriors Against Synthetic Pot,or WASP,gathered outside a smoke shop in Plainview Friday night to protest the sales of synthetic marijuana.

The Plainview WASP group was formed to mimic the group in Lubbock, which started protesting Hub-City smoke shops in March. 

Friday's protest was the groups third in Plainview and Founder Crystal Davenport says its all to keep families safe.

"As a mother," She said, "its horrible to know that it's here and I want it gone. I want to ban it. I want to criminalize it and I want it out of Plainview."

Davenport's motivation came from her young daughter. She wouldn't say who, but said that someone close to her family smoked synthetic pot and she was worried about it's impact on her child.

"She know what it looks like," she said,"where he gets it-how he rolls it-how he acts afterwards- and there are some major horror stories that come with that."

She decided that the best way to protect her child was to bring WASP to Plainview and the community came out to support her. 

"We applaud Lubbock for taking a firm stance against it." Said Plainview Councilman, Charles Starnes. " We just hope that Plainview and Hale county can do something equally effective."

Councilman Starnes has been attending the Plainview protests since the beginning. He says he is trying to convince the City Council to draft an ordinance but thinks that citizen protest can be just as important.

"Ya know what carries a lot of weight, and has through history?" He said. "Public protest. Especially when you get mothers out there saying this is bad. I mean I still do what my mother tells me to do."

The doors were locked and the owner unreachable at the smoke shop, but the Plainview WASP group plans to protest every Friday until they realize their goal.

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