WATCH: A Lubbock Soldier's Battle with PTSD Part 2

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            Jason Warford was given a medical discharge from the Army in 2003.. because of his 'post traumatic stress disorder', and a serious back injury.

            And those problems have also kept him from working much outside the army.

"I mean I get 70 percent disability from the VA, I'm 100 percent disabled through social security and (my wife) works as an LVN and we still barely make it month to month.

            So Jason applied for an increase in his benefits.

            And three years later, is still trying to get the paperwork through.

"And my wife sat down and got my medical records from the VA, highlighted everything they said was not in the records. We filed an appeal, sent it back in; we've not gotten any word back on it for three years. I know a soldier who's been fighting since 2005 for his disability claim."

            And this is a common problem for vets.

            The Department of Veterans Affairs claims the average time to process a claim is about eight months.

            But despite adding some 4-thousand workers since 2008, the agency hasn't handled the backlog of hundreds of thousands of new claims every year.

            Lubbock Congressman Randy Neugebauer says that one area of improvement is that the Department of Defense and the Veteran's Adminstration are now working together, using the same computer system to share medical records. Also the VA is working to get all of its forms available online, which should help with some of the backlog.  

            Secretary for Veterans Affairs, Eric Shinseki told the VFW "I have committed to ending the claims backlog in 2015. We're on track, by putting in place a system that process all claims by 125 days and at 98-percent accuracy rate."

            For Jason, going paperless would help, but wouldn't fix the problem.

"Like if it doesn't have a specific word like I was telling you like this 'inkliosis", the VA won't even look at it.

            And then the process - starts over.

            Fortunately, Jason's wife is a nurse, and knows the un-familiar words to add to the countless forms.. but that doesn't stop the mistakes on the other end.

            "I have a diagnosis of PTSD that's in my records, but they're saying I don't. We were afraid that some of the paperwork gets lost or they just don't look at it.

I've gotten to a point where DAV has a power of attorney over my case and they have an attorney on hand that doesn't charge us. Because I'm tired of the BS I keep running into. No one can give us a straight answer what's going on, what's happening.

            Congressman Neugebauer has a woman on his staff who's job it is to help process and track these types of claims. Their number in Washington is (888) 763-1611.

            Despite the problems, it's important for all veterans to find out what benefits you may qualify for.

            Watch at the end of the video for important contact information, including Jason's number. He's working as the chaplain for a Lubbock VFW post, and is talking with folks every day about their problems.

Click here to watch Part 1.

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