What Should You Do if You See a Child Locked in a Hot Car?

Published 07/24 2014 03:09PM

Updated 07/24 2014 06:13PM

By: Meredith Hillgartner

LUBBOCK,TX- Corporal John Gonzales with the Lubbock D.P.S. is giving some advice to civilians, if they happen to see a child, pet or elderly person locked in a hot car. 

Corporal Gonzales said he would rather be safe than sorry, so call 911; and if the person is not responding-go ahead and break the window down.

"We would rather be fortunate and do preventative maintenance," Corporal Gonzales said. "Rather then have to go to the result of a child or person deceased in a vehicle because of the heat." 

Texas law states, you can not leave a child under the age of 7 alone in a car for more than five minutes, unless they are accompanied by a person 14 years or older.

"We're still going to discourage any of that, leaving another child responsible for another child," Corporal Gonzales said.

It does not matter if the car is on, parked under the shade or the windows are rolled down-Corporal Gonzales said at triple digit temperatures no one should be left alone in the car. 


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