Wilson ISD Students Fight for their Former Teachers to Come Back

Published 04/04 2014 11:20PM

Updated 04/04 2014 11:52PM

By Anne Parker

"They were our two best teachers and we want them back at our school," says one of the many Wilson ISD students, stepping up to fight for two teachers. 

Friday the controversy continues in Wilson,for those two  teachers who say they were dismissed for no reason.

And while sometimes kids don't feel like they have much of a voice, Wilson ISD students are doing everything possible in hopes their voice is heard.

"They are the best teachers and we are trying to support them because its ridiculous what they're doing,  what the school is doing to them," says student Amber Guzman. 

Michelle Story' and Patricia Johnson lost their jobs at Wilson ISD earlier this month, and are now banned from all school events, this includes their own children's graduation.

"I wanna know why, what's the reason they're doing this to Mrs. Story and Mrs. Johnson?," Amber said.

"They were our two best teachers and we want them back at our school," says Britany Joplin.

Now, like Britany and Amber, Wilson students are taking it upon themselves to make things right with their teachers.

"We wore our shirts to support the teachers," says Britany about the handmade t-shirts in support of  them.

Britnay and Amber are in the 7th grade at Wilson and went door to door with a petition,  advocating for their teachers parental rights.

"We went around to all the houses and got their parents permission and we read what they're doing," Amber said.

They tell us it all started when the school said this didn't have an effect on the kids. 

However, in just two days, the petion in a district of 142 students, it has 70 signatures.

But, Britnay and Amber say most kids have been scared to voice their opinion. 

"All l the kids have been scared to go to school bc we are scared well get in trouble ," Britnay said.

"It's time- we've got to make our kids love school. Ce comfortable in school and do everything we possibly can to make sure they are safe," says community member Tracy Kendrink.

Amber said at this point, "Let them come back and do school events or let them come to activities and watch the students. And especially let them go to the graduation when one teachers daughter is the valedictorian."

Mrs. Story and Mrs. Johnson say when they refused to resign, thats when they were dismissed.

But Tuesday, Wilson's superintendent sent out a statement denying a teacher was ever asked to resign.

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