Wish Wednesday: 2 Surprise Parties for Mykaela Before Disney World Trip

LUBBOCK, TX - Hundreds of Evans Eagles were packed into the gym, anxiously awaiting Mykaela's arrival. Evans Middle School teachers and students dressed up as their favorite character for Disney Day, a day to celebrate Mykaela and give her the good news that she is going to Disney World.

"The student council, teachers and everyone came together really fast. A lot of them don't even know her. It's amazing that they care," said Marissa Carrasco, Mykaela's mom.

Students prepared with Disney songs to sing, hosting a mini concert for their friend. She could not they were all here just for her.

"I don't think there's words to describe how proud I am of her," Carrasco said. "She captures lots of people's hearts pretty quick."

Mykaela has a rare condition, a form of cerebral palsy. She is non-verbal, but her mom says she is good about getting her point across because she is a smart girl.

Her teachers couldn't be more excited and proud of Mykaela and all her classmates.

"Mykaela is a lot of fun. Nothing but smiles: If she's upset, everyone is upset. It's very rare that she's not happy," said teacher Loren Smith.

So Mykaela finds out she's going to Disney World, but when? Little did she know there was another surprise waiting for her across town.

Princesses Elena and Sofia were ready to tell Mykaela she was flying to Florida in just a few hours.

Everyone in her family kept the secret for about a month before she found out her wish was coming true.

"We're just so glad to tell her the truth," said Carrasco.

Mykaela's brothers and sisters used code words when talking about the trip.

"It was hard for her to not believe we were going to a baseball tournament," her brother said.

Mykaela's family is happy to celebrate her trip and her birthday all at the same time.

"I hope that the family has a ton of fun on their trip to Disney World. There's not a better family. I hope them safe travels," said Smith.

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