Wish Wednesday: Aiden Talks About His Trip to Disney World

LUBBOCK, TX - It was a dream come true for Aiden, who landed in Florida, and didn't stop going.

"I think on our step counters we put in on average eight to ten miles per day so it was a lot of walking." said Juan Sanchez, Aiden's dad.

He didn't just meet Mickey and Goofy, he met the cast of "Star Wars" too. Disney World wasn't the only stop for Aiden and his family.

"We went to Disney, Universal studios, we tried to go to Volcano Bay we got there at 9:30 it was at capacity. So then we side tripped over to Sea World and Aiden and the boys basically got front row seats. At Universal Studios we were greeted with open arms." said Sanchez.

Wish kids and their families stay at a place called Give Kids The World. It's a place no one in this family will ever forget.

"When we got there, it was open arms. The village we stayed in was beautiful something that i think every person should appreciate. The whole trip was just breathtaking, if you didn't get emotional day after day after day something is wrong with you." said Sanchez.

They have some advice for future wish kids or really anyone going to Disney World. try out the 3-D rides.

"The boys on the rides, we didn't know if they would do the 3-d and the 4-D as you know Joel had a blast with it. Aiden had a blast with it. We had a blast with it. It was very very life like I recommend it." said Sanchez.

If you'd like to get involved with the Make-A-Wish Foundation just give them a call at 806-785-9474.

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