Wish Wednesday: Blowing Out Eleven Candles in Disney World

LUBBOCK TX - Zadie's dream of being in Disney World for her 11th birthday is coming true. Her mom, Jenal Murillo said this couldn't be better timing.
"On top of her cerebral palsy, epilepsy, she's been really really sick all summer long. We've been in the hospital two times. And now she's able to go just in time for her birthday."

With plans of meeting all the princesses, and riding the rides. Her parents couldn't be more thrilled to watch their spunky daughter experience this once in a lifetime trip.
"Zadie, she's just amazing. She never gives up, she's strong she's just like everything they told us she wouldn't be. She's everything. She is full of energy and she has a personality. She's kind of a diva. She's sarcastic, she's a smart aleck, she's just amazing. I don't think I could have asked god for anything more than her." said Murillo.

It's not just the magic of Disney this family is looking forward to. They're also excited about meeting other families just like them.
"I think that's one thing I'm looking forward to, is meeting other families at Give Kids the World, and get to share just our lives. because our lives aren't like everyone else's." said Murillo.

The support on this night from everyone in attendance means the world to Zadie and her parents.
"I just want to say it takes a lot of people to get Zadie to where she is right now. It's all the people that are here that have gotten her to where she is right now. Her therapy family is here right now. There was a time in our life where i would pray for Zadie to just wake up in the morning and say 'Mom I love you, good morning' and now I can't get her to be quiet." said Murillo.

If you'd like to get involved with the Make-A-Wish Foundation just give them a call at 806-785-9474.

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