Wish Wednesday: Elliott's Ready to Explore Volcanoes in Hawaii

LUBBOCK, TX - Elliott loves dinosaurs, volcanoes and exploring. So where in the world could the Make-A-Wish Foundation be sending him? Hawaii, of course.

Elliott was born with several heart defects.

"He had a major open heart surgery when he was eight days old. He's been followed by Texas Children's ever since. We actually have a surgery at the end of this month," said Melanie Mallory, Elliott's mom.

That means this trip is on hold for a little bit until he gets to feeling better. In the meantime, Elliott can't wait to see what the tropical island has to offer.

"He loves everything dinosaur, volcano, lava, outdoors, jungle all of that stuff. He's just has always been really interested in that," said Mallory.

His family is thankful for the Make-A-Wish Foundation because this trip gives them some time to get away from all the doctor's visits and stress of their every day lives.

"It's been a beacon of light for us. We have a lot of struggles with, dealing with insurance and medical bills all of the time. This is something we really look forward to spending time with the family and decompress," said Mallory.

If you'd like to get involved with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, just give them a call at 806-785-9474.

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