Wish Wednesday: Jordan

Published 08/29 2013 07:40AM

Updated 09/27 2013 04:02AM

5-year-old Jordan Frankfather will forever share a special bond with her little sister Jayden.  

"I had a huge hole in my heart," Jordan said.

That defect wasn't discovered until after Jayden was diagnosed with a similar deformity.

"We found out about Jayden's (heart defect) when she was two and a half months old and she had a very severe heart defect and she ended up having to have several surgeries. Yeah, she had four open heart surgeries," Jayden and Jordan's mother, JoLynn, said. "Of course it's hard as a parent, finding out anything is wrong with your child, and then we found out that our older daughter also had a heart defect, it was almost more devastating. It was just hard because we thought she was our healthy child."

Like her sister, Jordan underwent open heart surgery.

That's when her cardiologist mentioned Make-A-Wish.

"We actually declined it at first because we were able to take our children to Disney World once before and he said no, that this was an experience for children who have been through life-threatening illnesses and so we finally agreed and Jordan was granted her wish," JoLynn said.

Jordan said she chose Disney World as her wish because she wanted to see "the princesses."

JoLynn said it's unlikely Jordan will have to undergo any more surgeries, but Jayden will.

She hopes they're fortunate enough to give Jayden the same experience as Jordan in the future.

"From the time we went to the airport, to the time we got back, Jordan was treated pretty much as a princess, like royalty."

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