Would you fight for freedom? Celebrating Veterans Day

Shawn Walton was only 17 years old and living with his mom when he enlisted in the army because he wanted to give his life direction.

"I went in because my grandfather was in the military, my uncles were in the military and it's just something i wanted to do. Of course, after nine-eleven, defending our country was top priorities."

Shawn was defending his country in on his second tour in Iraq when he stepped on a land mine causing severe injuries getting him sent back to the U-S for treatment.

"It was about a year of just painful therapy. And just going through the transition of being an infantry man to not being able to do your job anymore. It was rough, definitely rough."

Shawn received the Purple Heart for being wounded in action and he now goes to school at Texas Tech, but he knows the transition from military life isn't easy.

"For the soldiers that are not in anymore and going to college and all that. I know it's a struggle coming from the military life to the civilian world its totally different. It's life changing."

But Shawn is grateful for so many programs that help veterans on campus and he said he wouldn't change his decision to enlist.

"If I could go back I would do it all over again I would. If i hadn't gotten hurt I would have done 20 years and retired the regular way."

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