1997 Coronado HS Graduate Finally Gets Diploma

Published 05/25 2014 09:29PM

Updated 05/26 2014 12:01AM

By Michaela MacDonald

LUBBOCK, TX -- Back in 1997, J. Flores earned the right to graduate from Coronado High School, but his family moved before the ceremony and he never got his diploma. On Saturday that changed.

"I got to get my diploma from Coronado. I should have gotten it the first time, but they gave me a second chance to get it," said Flores. "It felt pretty awesome. It felt like I just won a big game."

Coronado High School's principal Dr. Jerry Adams found out that Flores was missing his diploma a few weeks ago from Flores' wife Crystal.

"Crystal told me J. never walked at graduation. And he had graduated in 1997, but he never walked because his family had moved away so he had never received his diploma," said Adams. "I asked him I said 'J would you like to participate in our graduation ceremony would you like to walk,' so he thought about it and talked with his family and decided, yes I would like to do that."

The class of 2014 gladly shared this milestone with their fellow alum, giving him a standing ovation.

"Kind of made me feel pretty awesome there you know. I don't know, words couldn't explain it, you know. It just kind of warmed my heart to feel that they had that much care for me to stand up and you know give me the standing ovation there," said Flores.

Adams says Flores is an example to seniors of the importance of finishing projects you set out to do.

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