2018 Primary Election: Voter Turnout

Lubbock, TX - Voter centers were filled with last-minute voters Tuesday. The winners will be on the ballots in November's general election. The elections administrator said this year's turnout was a lot higher compared to four years ago.

"We're out here voting because this is really one of the true ways to have a voice in our government who actually goes to Washington or Austin to make decisions on our behalf," said voter Ben Webb.

During the 12 days of early voting, more than 15,000 people showed up to vote in the Democratic and Republican primaries. 

"There's no reason to not vote. If you don't vote, you certainly can't complain what the results are," said voter Steven Foster.

"I think people love taking advantage of early voting because they've got 12 days that they can pick and choose which day works better with their schedule to go," said Dorothy Kennedy, Lubbock County elections administrator.

Kennedy also says this election is the second biggest turn out in the past four gubernatorial years.

"Voters need to have an idea of who they're going to vote for because it's very important to put the right people in office," Kennedy said.

By exercising their right to vote, voters are confident this is one way they will see the change they want.

"I just encourage everybody to go out and vote. There are lots of teachers and parents who want their voice heard, and today's the day to do it," said voter Karen Holt.

"These decisions do have impacts on our lives. They affect our schools, they affect our kids, our taxes. They affect our decisions in the courthouse, they affect the citizens of Lubbock and the state of Texas," said Webb.

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