A Ten-Year Old Battling Life Changing Medical Conditions Named Captain Of His Football Team

RJ Allen was able to get back on the field with his fellow teammates

LUBBOCK, TX - Even after being told he can longer play football, RJ Allen, a ten-year old from Plainview, got himself back in the game.

"I love it so much. Thank you to my team for helping and making me be captain. I appreciate them doing this for me," RJ said.

RJ's coach, Justin Bush, surprised RJ and offered him the position as captain of the team. RJ still can't play the game but he can help on the sidelines.

"RJ is a special kid. You know he came out and played with us last year. He came to every practice he gave it 100%," Bush said.

RJ attempted to play during the 2016 Plainview Bulldogs Youth Football Season. He played one game but then suffered a seizure the next day.

"I had to keep going to the hospital and I had to get airlifted. I kinda hated that because I let down my team," RJ said.

Patricia Allen, RJ's mom, said he was diagnosed at the age of seven with epilepsy and chronic pain syndrome.

"He's been begging to play football and he gets down when he sees the other kids playing. So we decided he cant play, but he should still be apart of the team," Patricia said.

"I got to be with my team and support them," RJ said.  


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