Abbott Says Hispanics Values are GOP Values

Published 03/05 2014 10:52PM

Updated 03/05 2014 11:18PM

By Monica Yantosh      

LUBBOCK, TX -- Attorney General, and GOP Candidate for Governor, Greg Abbott says he believes many values between Hispanics and GOP voters line up.

"The values and principles of most members of the Hispanic community are similar to republican party, We put faith first, family and the freedom that attracts people here in the first place, foremost," Abbott said. "And when we campaign people on those issues, we're finding that we are attracting more and more members of Hispanic community to the Republican party."

That was the response when Abbott was asked about some of the recent issues that came up here in Lubbock. A week ago, Abbott made a campaign stop at a local Mexican bakery.  The next day, at the same location, Lubbock City Councilman Victor Hernandez referenced Abbott's wife. Hernandez then referred to the bakery as a prop to draw Hispanic interest in the campaign.

"My family is like so many others across the state of Texas, we are multicultural," Abbott said.

"I think Greg Abbott claims that his values line up with Hispanic voters values of family and faith, and I don't really think that's the case at all," Chair of the Lubbock County Democrats, Kenny Ketner said.

Ketner said he thinks Republicans are worried about the way State Senator, and Democratic candidate for Governor, Wendy Davis' campaign is going.

"They feel the need to do distractions like this whole bakery, wife, thing that was blown out of proportion and based on a misinterpretation," Ketner said.

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