Active Shooter Training Shows Tools for Survival

LUBBOCK, TX - Reports state the number of people killed in a mass shooting has increased by 100 percent from 2000 to 2015. The number of casualties increased on November 5 when a 26-year-old man walked into the Sutherland Springs Baptist Church and killed 26 people, injuring dozens more. 


Lubbock Police Department has created the active shooter training to teach unarmed civilians the tools they need for survival when they are waiting for help to arrive.


"I believe in this material. I believe in it as something to help keep yourself safe, keep others safe in the midst of a mass shooting situation," LPD Detective and Instructor Chris Paine said. 


Paine started this training eight years ago with information collected for more than a decade. He said he researches other mass shooting scenarios and speaks with survivors. This training has hit communities across the world and now the KLBK news station. 


"Odds are overwhelming in your favor already," Paine said. "Then you add training, and preparation, some forethought on this matter. Chances for us to be overwhelming successful in this situation increase 100-fold." 


Paine's training estimates an hour and 30 minutes time limit for the entire session. He covers the history of mass shootings, and what the mentality has been of past gunman in these situations.


However, he has three main objectives for the unarmed citizen: Avoid, Deny, and Defend (A.D.D).


In part, he explained A.D.D as the defense mechanism a civilian can perform to create the highest probability for survival. For example, avoid the gunman by using the surroundings as an escape route and continue moving if possible. Deny the gunman access to you by creating a barrier that is difficult to get to or shoot through. Defend against the gunman by using household items as weapons in the life-threatening situation. 


"When you're aware of the options, but no only aware, you know factually why they can work from past incidents in our history and what people have been doing to survive then you are so confident in your own ability to survive in dangerous situations," Paine said. 


Anyone interested in this training can request it by contacting the Lubbock Police Department. 

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