Ag Journal February 12th: Cotton gets Restored to Title One Protections in Farm Bill

LUBBOCK, TX - In this week's Ag Journal, Congressman Jodey Arrington and local cotton growers discuss the impact that the Bipartisan Budget Act will have on the cotton industry.

South Plains cotton growers can finally take a sigh of relief after a funding bill passed in Congress that put cotton back under Title I protections in the farm bill. 

The passing of this funding bill kept the government open, but it also restored a much-needed safety net to cotton growers. Under Title I protections, seed cotton is eligible for Price-Loss Coverage that will be effective immediately. 

"It has been difficult for growers to not have the same level of protection against price decline and other things that affect their bottom line, but which they have no control over," Shawn Wade, director of policy analysis at Plains Cotton Growers. said. "This allows those producers to have an additional level of security economically in the event that prices take a tumble or a weather event occurs and allows them to stay in business for the next growing season."

Most growers are in the planning phase right now, and they said this decision came at the perfect time. This legislation is important for cotton producers who have been operating without any viable safety net for many years.

"It helps us step up and be able to keep us competitive and keep farmers in business where the margin is so tight," cotton grower Rex Kennedy said. "You are so dependent on mother nature, and to have cotton back in Title I is a huge blessing." 

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