Ag Journal February 19th: Water Conservation

LUBBOCK, TX - In this week's Ag Journal, folks from the South Plains Underground Water District talk about the impact the drought has on the Aquifer. They also discuss how growers in this region are experts when it comes to conserving water and still producing a quality crop. 

Even though the South Plains finally got some measurable rainfall, it is still not enough to pull us out of this drought. Growers are always looking at ways to conserve resources and cut costs when it comes to producing a crop, and some growers have started only watering half circles. This means they have to farm more land, but it does help to conserve water.

In a dry year, it is not just farmers who will be impacted by this weather. This has an impact on the entire community.

"When our farmers have a bad year, we all have a bad year," Lindy Harris, manager of the South Plains Underground Water District, said. "The target is always on their back. City people do not exactly understand that farmers have to use the water when you farm in a place that does not get a lot of rain." 

The segment finishes up with a look at different ways anyone can help conserve water and offers a quick look at agriculture-related events happening in the area. 


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